Navrita strongly believes in Corporate Social Responsibility and has set part of its mission to contribute significantly to the society. Navrita will volunteer its resources and efforts to the extent it can reasonably afford to the below CSR Initiatives.

Aiding Primary School Infrastructure

Availability of needed and quality school infrastructure will increase the school attendance motivation and academic performance of the students. In order to achieve this, we are in the process of identifying under privileged primary schools in rural areas and supporting them on improving their basic and supportive infrastructure (classroom furniture, blackboard, stationary, drinking water and toilet facilities).

Green Computing

Green computing is the study and practice of using computing resources efficiently. The pressure is on businesses worldwide to be more environmentally conscious and reduce their carbon footprints. The most obvious advantage of green IT is of course the aspect of being eco-friendly. Apart from that, it is also of great value to the bottom line.

At Navrita, we have established a “Go Green” policy and encourage our employees for effective involvement.

Our Go Green initiatives includes

  • Planting a tree for every new employee
  • Automating most of the paper processes
  • Server Virtualization
  • Energy efficient office environment
  • Effective utilization of electric energy